Monday, March 24, 2008


Hat and Scarf Set-
Le Slouch (Knit and Tonic)= beret
Heart (Knitty)= scarf

More details on my Ravelry


It's been awhile. Various life changing events. I really am going to update on Friday's from now on. I need to make more stuff. I'm learning thaty I haven't really been living my life in a while. I'm going to start doing what I love again. I love making things!!! I am also going to Europe this summer for sure and probably Africa as well :) I can't wait.

I got a new dog. It's been awhile. She's been living with us since right after xmas. Her name is LuLu. She's a longhaired Chihuahua and she is excellent. She and Willow are going to be best friends. I'm pretty sure.

Also, I got a new tattoo. I got it at Blue Byrd in Middletown, Ohio. It's a great place. My tattoo is the lotus flower from the cover of the Thich Nhat Hanh book _True Love_. It symbolized many things in my life and I absolutely love it, even though it's peeling and scabbing right now and is really itchy.

My house is being painted today. The half bath downstairs was painted this really pretty clay color. So anyhow, I'm thinking I need a little rug for the room so I think I'm going to spin some earthy orange colors super bulky singles and ply it with the sari silk yarn I got a ton of from ebay and knit a rug. Then I am going to get some earthy looking towels and stitch around the edges with sari silk, perhaps even embroider a design.I am going to have fun decorating my bathroom.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Tradition...

I hardly ever update this blog. I always forget about it. I've decided to do my own 'fiber friday'. I'm going to update every week with the things I am working on and what not.

I started at my new school and it is going really well, but it is a lot of work. It's a great deal more than my old school. I'm really enjoying it and learning a lot though. I am starting my field observation in the classroom this semester and I can't wait!

I haven't really crafted at all since I started school, but a few days ago I finished a baby alpaca scarf I started in December. I haven't taken any pictures since I finished it, but here's one of me trying it on while it was still in progress.