Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I am officially done with school for over a month! I am so excited about my break and I am totally done at my old college and I will be starting at a brand new school when I return.

I am going to craft my brains out this month! I got invited to earlier this week and I absolutely love it! It is a really great place. I am going to get so much inspiration there. I also got a new drive band for old wheeley. I haven't been able to spin since my demo at the alpaca farm when some kid broke it.

I need to do some xmas knitting. I am not making things for too many people this year. I think I need to spend more time knitting for me. I am going to make my boyfriend the argyle scarf and one of the hats from Son of Stich and Bitch. I'll probably knit some small items for my niece and nephews. I am giving myself a gift this year. I am spending my precious knitting time on myself and I am making a central park hoodie!

Oh- I almost forgot the most exciting news! I got offered a really big scholarship to my new college for 'academic excellence'- my parents are so proud of me that they are going to give me all of the money they are saving from the scholarship. So I have alot of money now! I am going to buy myself so much great stuff. I know I want a drum carder and a really nice knitting machine!!!

There have been some major haircuts this week. Me and Willow. I cut off/brushed out my 3 year old dreadlocks. It took so-oooo long. They will be missed but I am really excited about being able to style my new hair in all sorts of ways. I think I lost about 10 lbs of hair. I filled up a 2 gallon freezer bag with the dreads and another with hair that came out in the brushing process.
Before and After Pictures-

Ryan gave willow a haircut. It looks so silly!


CresceNet said...
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CanarySanctuary said...

Congratulations! Spoil yourself. It's nice to have people who appreciate knitted gifts, but no one will appreciate it more than you. The CPH is a great project. It's one of my FOs I use the most. Do you know what you'll be making it from?

Anonymous said...

I love checking in to see what your working on now.Keep up the crafty stuff Love U

Olivia said...

who is this?