Sunday, November 11, 2007

Learn to Knit. Arrrrrgh!!!!

I need to vent here. I am making a wishpot list for christmas (I know I haven't made a christmas list since I was a kid- its SO fun!!) But anyhow, I am asking for a bunch of knitting books and I have been browsing through them at the bookstore and on Something is really starting to annoy me about all of these knitting books. Why must they all devote so many pages to teaching the reader to knit. I mean come on seriously. Is it too much to ask for people to buy a knitting instructional book seperately so they could squeeze more patterns in or lower the price. Sorry, but it jusy erks me.

In other news, I really want to write a bunch of knitting pattern books in life. I've decided my first book is going to be a dog pattern book. I better start learning to design patterns. I have the cutest idea for the name! By the end of 2008 I want to have 20 patterns and then I can start figuring out how to get a book published.

Speaking of adorable dogs in clothes- here are some pictures of willow's halloween costume.

Continental hats :)

I don't think I will be knitting english style ever again. I have been wanting to learn continental style for quite some time now because it looks much faster and I finally forced myself to complete two hats using it. I normally start trying to learn but give up after a few rows because it is akward and I grow impatient. This time I did it and I LOVE it. I am already knitting faster than I was before and I think I will continue to get quicker and quicker. These hats are Banana Republic knock offs. I found the pattern on craftster it was a really fast and easy knit and I would recommend it to anyone. I still need to find some pretty buttons to put on it :)

Pattern- Banana Republic knock-off (FREE)
Yarn- Moda Dea Tweedle Dea- in Thunder (#8903) and Surf & Turf (#8919)