Sunday, October 28, 2007

Litterbox Cake and Revelations <3

I went to a halloween party last night and I made a litterbox cake. It was SO realistic. It was a huge hit and everyone got a kick out of it- but no one wanted to eat it. They were too grossed out by the way it looked. I guess its like green ketchup. I am not complaining though- I brought it home and Ryan and I are really enjoying the leftovers. It was german chocolate cake and white cake with vanilla pudding and topped with vanilla oreos. YUM! I found the recipe online and modfied it to be a little healthier.

1 spice or German chocolate cake mix
1 white cake mix
1 box premade sugarfree vanilla pudding packs- 1 lb
1 large pkg vanilla oreos
Green food coloring
Tootsie Rolls
Apple Sauce

1 new kitty litter pan
1 new pooper scooper

1. Bake both cakes seperately according to directions. Substitude the apple sauce for the oil called for on the box.
2. Crush the oreo bits up in food processor.
3. Take 1/2 cup of crumbs and add some green food coloring and run it through the food processor.
4 Now mix all of the crumbs together.
5. take the cakes and crumble them into the litterbox together.
6. spread pudding over cake crumbles
7. sprinkle with crumbs
8. put tootsie rolls in the microwave for 10 seconds or so. take them out and use your hand to shape them like cat poop. then place them in litterbox.


Last night I had an incident with some drunk guy who kept calling me 'bitch' and 'cunt' and rubbing me and stuff because I didn't want to share my beer. He ended up getting a drink in his face and then he freaked out and tried to fight all of the males at the party. It was really bad but it made me realize something. I don't like partying. I don't like the kind of people I meet for the most part. I don't like the scene. I like to be creative and make things. I am not going to go out to parties anymore just because I am 20 and that is what I am 'supposed' to be doing or because that is what my friends are doing. I am going to start doing activities that are actually GOOD for me. Like learning new crafts and skills. I am really excited!!!!