Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hello Fall!!!

The leaves are changing colors. The weather is cooling down. It seems like its fall. I welcome it after the summer where 100 degree temperatures were normal. The only downside is that my two week summer break is over soon and I am starting back at college for autumn term. I start school on wednesday. It should be an exciting and interesting quarter though.

The decorating of my new house is coming along very well. I am still working things out, but the living room and bedroom are pretty much completely done. The dining room wall is being fixed and my craft room is set up but needs some cool design elements.

Willow (my dog) and I have been working on learning some tricks. I am AMAZED at how well willow she is doing. As of this week she has mastered- 'sit', 'bed', 'down', and 'belly'. I am so proud of her. We are going to keep training every day. This week a want to work on 'crawl'. We are taking an obedience class together starting mid-october. I love learning tricks with her. It's good quality time for us. I made willow a little silk bandana to wear over her collar. She looks adorable in it!

I finished a skein of light worsted weight navajo plied alpaca recently. Its the skinnest yarn I have made yet. I haven't taken it's picture yet, but I'll share some of the yarns I dyed at the dyeing workshop held at the Alpaca Bella Suri Farm. Ryan and I drove past the alpaca farm last night. I love those alpacas. They are so chill.

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