Thursday, July 5, 2007

Tour de Fleece Approaches

The tour de fleece begins this saturday! I am really excited. The guidelines say that you should spin every day that they ride. I think I am going to modify the rules so I can really push myself to learn new things. I am going to complete at least one skein per day. I am also going to try out some new fibers- I ordered 3 4 oz bags of hand dyed bamboo. I also dyed some roving with acid dyes. I weighed out 9 4oz bags. I also feel like I spin without a project in mind too often so I want to spin yarns for specific projects. I am going to do something productive every time I spin. Either watch a documentary- or listen to a book on tape. I will finish 2 books during the tour- 1984 and Walden.

I'm really excited!!

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Anonymous said...

Love the hat you are soooo creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!