Thursday, June 7, 2007

Technicolor Dream Yarn

I made some really cool yarn today. My wheel is acting weird, but I think I have identified the problem and it's easily fixable. Anyhow, I decided that plying with thread looks amazing, so I got a few different cool looking threads from michaels the other day. I got rainbow, white sparkley, and silver sparkley. I spun up some sheed shep superwash and plied it with the rainbow color and it looks amazing! I love it!!!! I need to figure something out to make with it. hmmmmm... Any suggestions?

I also finished my second crystal lace bolero. It is SO cute. I am going to frog the first one and make it in a size small like the second one. I have to wait and get someone to take pictures of me- because I cannot get a good shot of it by myself. I really like it alot though :)

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**Sarah** said...

I like this one.... one day im coming over and ur going to teach me how to do it