Saturday, June 2, 2007

A few new skeins...

I have been really busy with school this week- writing my final papers and studying for my exam, but I spun up two skeins. The one below is from the green singles in the last post. I hand dyed the roving green and spun it up then plied it with some plain white sheep shed roving. It reminds me of one of those swirly mint candies that they give you after a meal. I like plied yarn- but I am starting to think I think singles or plying with thread alot better. Plying takes so long and I think singles can look just as cool. I will continue to ply though because I enjoy the results! This yarn is heavy worsted to bulky and the skein is gigantic!

Below is one of my favorite skeins I have ever made. Its a silk merino blend. I really love the way the white bits of silk stand out against the merino. The texture is awesome. It's so silky and nice- I can't stop rubbing it on my face. I plan on making either a crystal lace bolero or a shrug from happy hooker. I love it!!!

I have been working on my crystal lace bolero UFO this weekend and I am making great progress. I really like the one I am working on ALOT better than the first one that I made.

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