Thursday, May 17, 2007

Impatiently Waiting...

Today was so cool! My mom and I drove to the spinning shop. It's called Ohio Valley Natural Fibers. It was a little over an hour away. We got to the shop and the owner got the wheel out for us. This shop is the largest or second largest fiber processing business in the country. People from all over send them their raw fleece and they turn in into yarn. He showed us how they do it. It was really cool. First we looked at the carding machines. They had two- one was used to make roving for handspinners and the other was to make pencil roving for the yarn they produce. These machines are giant. One of them ran along the whole end of the building. He even gave us a demonstration. He picked up some fleece lying around and put it into the machine. It was really cool to watch and it produced really fluffly lovely wool. After that we walked around their farm. We looked at the sheep in the field, they weren't all sheared even though the temperature is hot because next week the TV show _Dirty Jobs_ is coming to film at his farm! He had to wait to shear the sheep for the show. After seeing the sheep we visited the angora goats! They were so cute. We petted them and fed them bagels. Then we went to pet the llama. He was adorable! We went into his field and my mom held onto him and we petted him. He was very mellow and enjoyed the attention. The owner scratched him in a certain place on his back and his mouth did this weird thing. It was like if you find the right spot on a dog their leg shakes- except with a llama and his mouth instead of his leg. I really want some llamas after today. I could hang out with a llama all day! The owner told us they just graze on grass and are very inexpensive to keep. My parent's had a horse farm, but they sold the horses so now they just have tons of green pastures! I told my mom she is going to come home one day and find a couple of llamas living in her backyard :)
I am waiting now for the finish to dry on my wheel. It has 4 hours before we can see if it needs a second coat. We still have to put it together. Sadly, I don't think I will be doing any spinning tonight :( I love my wheel though and I got SUCH a great deal on it! I bought-
-1 lb Merino/Silk blend in pretty shades of purple/pink/teal/white
-1 lb White Alpaca
- Niddy Noddy
- Dyers Companion book
-Ashford Traveller Double Treadle Wheel
= and payed 350 dollars. That's insane! Ohio Valley Natural Fibers is the place to go if you are in the area! They are well priced and SUPER nice and friendly!


~*~Anna~*~ said...

Wow! 350 dollars! Maybe i'll check them out! :) Thanks for the tip.

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Anonymous said...

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